Our company specializes in the design and development of all kinds of mechanical design gear and gear box, differential axles gearboxes and intermediate gearboxes. Aselsan leaders of the companies involved in the defense industry in Turkey, Roketsan, MKE, Otokar, FNSS and Tümosan as firm as a sub-contractor on the project, coordination of new product development, offers consulting and production services. Below are some of the studies

Boran 105mm Howitzer


The kinematic analysis of the Boran howitzer for the MKE Çankırı Weapon Plant was designed and designed. As a result, designs have been realized for the use of both spring and gas pistons for the balancing system. The howitzer can move between -5 and +70 degrees.

After the project works, production documents were produced and delivered in our workplace. Verification and validation activities were completed by passing tests and passing tests.

Dengeleme Yayları


The optimum spring force was calculated after the analyzes performed according to the mechanism and hinge connection points.

Elevation Axis


The ascending axis mechanism can be driven from one or both sides.

Handwheel Force


Wide angle bevel gearbox designed to reduce handwheel force and ensure ergonomics.

Sleewing Bearing


Ring Gear designed for Aselsan's Sarp Weapon System has the following technical features:

Outer Diameter: 352mm

3 lines of wire, 2 lines of roller construction

Aluminum housing

.As a result of the life test under the load made in our company for ring gear, it has confirmed the analysis procedure and design approaches formed by turning 700,000 turns.

Worm Gearbox


The gearbox designed for Aselsan is used on the elevation axis of Poyraz muhimat transport vehicle. A test machine is designed for the gear unit which realizes axial load and counter torque

Some technical features of Worm Gear Box are as follows:

Total Reduction 7

Maximum Input Speed: 100 RPM

Maximum Input Torque: 50 Nm

Gun Cocking Mechanisms


Gun Cocking Mechanisms developed for Aselsan's Sarp weapon system have the capacity to install 4 different weapons.

Gun Cocking Mechanism developed for Otokar is roller type. If the motor breaks down, it can be set up very easily by pulling the rope by hand. There is a long version for the gun that throws 40mm bombs.

Sarp Gun Cocking Mechanism


SarpL Gun Cocking Mechanism


Roller Gun Cocking Mechanism



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