Gear Design
The Mechanical Engineering Department of Birom Engineering provides product development, industrial design and engineering consulting services to entrepreneurs and companies of any size. Read More
Birom Engineering
With its rugged design, high IP protection class and aluminum body, Birom actuators are ideal for the harsh environments that work under extreme conditions. Read More
The projects implemented include low backlash planetary and bevel gearboxes, linear motion mechanisms, ball and roller slewing ring bearings (ring gears), transfer cases, differential axles and speed reducing systems. Read More
Accomplished Projects
We are reseller of Masta software that is developed by SMT for the design, simulation and analysis of complex transmission and driveline systems for use in the Automotive, Wind Turbine and Industrial, Marine and Aerospace industries. Read More


We are specialized in the design and development of gears and gear boxes, differential axle, transfer cases and transmission that are used in especially automotive and defense industry. The design of your product will meet your requirements, while minimizing manufacturing costs. Read More


In addition to our standard products, use is also provided by projecting to meet the stroke, speed, connection interface and load-pushing capacities that may be needed specifically for different applications. The actuators can be specially programmed for the needs along with the intelligent driver units. Read More


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About Birom

    Birom was founded in 2010. In our 9th year, without compromising the discipline of Mechanical Engineering, we are awarded the trust of many leading defense industry companies, providing project consultancy and production services.

Birom is the authorized sales agent of MASTA the advanced gear design and analysis software.

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