MASTA 10 Relased
For additional new features and detailed information, see the Release Notes Document. MASTA 10 Rlease Notes
Flexible Multibody Dynamic Simulation Module.
NVH and Transmission Error Measurement and Analysis
MASTA for electric and hybrid vehicles

It is a key tool that provides gear engineers with the know-how of future technology worldwide in the design of power transmission systems. The MASTA package program developed by SMT is a unique tool for gear design and Transmission. From the concept to the manufacturing detail, expert modeling and analysis, core modules and fully integrated top-level modules are the latest developed tools with the Windows 10 certification.

This very user-friendly software also makes a difference with manufacturing simulation modules. Manufacturing simulation of straight, helical, bevel and sprial bevel gears, optimization of cutting tool for bottom strength analysis, ensuring compatibility between cutting tools and machine errors, super-fast problem solving, optimization studies to reduce manufacturing quality and costs can be realized.

Complex Analysis that can be performed with MASTA is as follows:

In addition, system dynamics, modal frequencies, three-dimensional and two-dimensional analysis of the generated models, the inclusion of three-dimensional models of the gearbox body and other complex components created in CAD programs, the dynamics of the gear combination and the analysis of static transmission errors caused by bearings are possible with MASTA.


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